To cure any illness by yourself – is it possible – ?

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   We affirm that to cure any illness by yourself it is possible.

To cure any illness by yourself we should to find main causes of the appearance of illnesses.

  Let us consider this topic seriously. Causes of our illnesses :

1)   The infectious diseases.

If they are infectious diseases , as you understand, the reason for them is the weakening of our immune system.
  And the main reason for the weakening of immunity lies in ourselves:
  1.1)  Our lifestyle;
  1.2)   Stress at work and our inability to work with our thoughts and feelings or otherwise the inability to manage our psychic energy;
  1.3)  Bad eating habits. More information can be found on this page ( link to the PDF document on Healthy Nutrition there). Such diseases can be cured if we change, first, our attitude to the above mentioned reasons.
   The most important — is to find the main reason for your ailment.

   Remember one thing:

   Medicines cannot cure us, they can only lessen or weaken their symptoms.
   And what are the symptoms — ? They are consequences of an illness, that is why drugs are unable to eradicate the cause of our disease.
   Do know, сause of the any illness lies within us, and we can find it and eliminate. So, to cure any illness by yourself it is possible!!!

The Action of Medical Substances.

   Medical substances can bring only temporary relief. That is their main danger even if you are regularly checked by a doctor.
Medical_substances    Moreover, some of modern medicines can lead to the lethal outcome. And we have real examples of that.
   To be more convincing, let us share with you one fact about the use of heroin. At the beginning of the 20th century it was applied to help people get rid of coughing!?!!?
   It is very important to listen to reaction of your body and be especially careful if you have individual intolerance to the use of any medical substances because the same medicine can cause different reaction in different people and can lead to the opposite results.
   In general the action of any medicine we call the effect of the Addict when a drug leads a drug-addict to a temporary explosion of euphoria but some time passes and the consequences come — the body breaks, and the addict’s health destruct is in most cases irrevocably !!
   The same happens when you take any medicine. And it does not matter if you take it yourself or following a doctor’s advice.

Medicines and Their Side Effects.

   The consequence of that will be different side effects and the appearance of new illness, including those that are still unknown modern medicine and science, because the experiments with the introducing new pharmaceuticals to allegedly the curing our diseases in truth disrupt natural processes in our organisms born by Nature.
   Sometimes the illness will return to you if you stop taking a certain pill or medicine. This way you become dependent on this drug. And this is very bad because sooner or later symptoms of a new illness may appear and all it becomes a vicious circle.
   Thus, we further weaken our immune system already damaged by the illness.
  We also, in addition, aggravate our condition by taking several medical substances at the same time. The reaction of interaction of different drugs can be unpredictable until the lethal outcome.
   We urgently ask you to think about that before agreeing to accept such treatment.


   As far as modern medicine is concerned, we can arrive at the following conclusion:
   — doctors can show you the way to recovery, but they cannot eradicate the cause of your illness because only you can heal yourself completely making your own efforts to recover because the root of any disease lies within you.
   We should admit that there are good doctors who can help you find the cause, but they are very few. Remember that your recovery is in your own hands!!!
   For analogy, let us say that in childhood we were taught to read and write by parents and teachers, but in truth you learned it yourself.

2)    Hereditary diseases.

   You may have a genetic predisposition to certain illnesses which you inherit from your relatives.
   Here the situation is more difficult because you cannot cure such a disease completely, you can only alleviate it or stop its development. This way they will not worry us and will not interfere us in our life.
   Again we can apply universal methods — to lead such a Lifestyle and eat like that ( you can read about Healthy nutrition HERE ), — which can allow us to forget about any negative heredity.
   Everything is within our powers!!!

3)     Improve Your Immune System.

To improve the immunity of our body, we can offer the following recommendations as a preventive measure against the manifestation of diseases, and for the treatment of already existing ailments too:
   3.1)   Do your regular physical every day plus 15-20 minutes of special healing exercises aimed at accelerating the delivery of oxygen to the organs of your body and especially to diseased organs or parts of body.
   Men can exercises with the naked upper part of their bodies for hardening their organisms and develop the resistance to the cold.
   Pain in a certain part of our body is only a signal of our organism about some disbalance. We can restore the broken Equilibrium in this place. ( see 3.6)

Walk daily.

3.2)   The main advice: — walk daily 3-5 km. walking It is important for everybody but especially for those people who have problems with their support-motor apparatus ( osteochondrosis, arthrosis, intervertebral hernias and others).
   Certain people are predisposed to having these illnesses. In addition to people with bad heredity and elderly people, also athletes and office workers are also at risk. We will talk about this in more detail later in another post.


3.3)   Massage your organs daily. You can even do it yourself if you are able to.
massage Besides, our body has special points, pressing which you can anesthetize certain organs of our body.
   For people who know how to manage their psychic energy , there is an effective way to influence a diseased organ with their own Thought.


3.4)   Eat fresh fruit and vegetables daily. Do not boil them. You can read about Healthy nutrition and food combining rules HERE.
   They say that better a prevention than the curing. fresh_fruit_vegetables
  Therefore, our motto — consume vitamins every day and all the year round, especially vitamin C and then vitamins A, E, B, D as a preventive measure and to help your immunity system.
   However, it is important to emphasize the following point — you should consume only natural vitamins from your food (vegetables, fruit, grains, etc) and do not take too many artificial vitamins, created in chemical laboratories and sold in pharmacies. You can consume them but only in addition to your natural vitamins.
   We encourage you once again: know your own organism because it is unique.
   Find the chemical elements in which your body may be lacking. Nutrition plays a very important role here as well as everyday walking does.

Natural Substances in Food to Improve Your Health.

   — if you are lacking in calcium and you have problems with your ligaments, muscles or backbone,
you need to consume daily hard cheese.
   They contain a huge amount of calcium plus such an important vitamin as B12 , responsible for your stamina and working capacity.
   — If you need more iron add to your daily diet mustard powder ( it is important to use the powder not the mustard itself ), turmeric, fenugreek.
   — If you have a lack of vitamins group B, eat porridge ( prepare them yourself ) and cereals(groats) daily, millet , buckwheat , rice. There are also different types of bran: wheat, rye, oatmeal, which very useful.
   — If you have a lack of iodine, add to your daily diet see dried seaweed, algae, luminaria, fish and different sea food. You can also prepare and consume dry peas.
   — If you want to increase the consumption of vitamin B6 responsible for our nervous system, you should eat millet as often as possible. It contains the highest amount of this vitamin among all the other products.
   You can find other elements that your body may require in other products if you study their ingredients / chemical composition.

   When you receive all the necessary elements from your food and use it to prevent different diseases, it has a huge advantage — you get them from Nature and do not use artificial chemical substances, produced by pharmaceutical industry.
   That is a big difference because our organism created by nature perceives natural elements much better than those which have been created in laboratories.
   Therefore, it will recover much quicker.
  Moreover, you can save a huge amount of money.

Your Breath.

3.5)   Breathe correctly. You can find more information about the correct breathing and healing yourself in our post about breathing.

Ralaxation Techniques.

3.6)   Learn to relax during the day at home or at work giving your organism an opportunity to recover quicker. relaxation
   One of the most effective ways of relaxation can be applied always — sit or lie in comfortable position at home in complete silence.
   Throw away all your everyday thoughts and concerns and focus on things that elevate your spirit (we can call it a state of bliss). And start breathing evenly with your belly. — More information about this HERE.
   Then start sending the thought of Joy and Balance to the outside world. Do it till you feel relaxed and reinvigorated.
  This exercise, as everything in our life, requires certain practice.
   When you are at work you can take a 5-7 minute pause and do the same thing sitting in front of your computer. Here we talk about natural ways of relaxation.
   It would be a complete foolishness to use such artificial ways of relaxation as consuming alcohol or medicines. We have talked about its negative consequences above.

Physical Exercises in Sport and Fitness Centers.

3.7)   Do not overwhelm yourself with too intense physical trainings in your sport center.
   It concerns ordinary people as well as professional athletes.
   Remember one more thing — important information for everybody in the future:
   — when you are under 35 years old our cells are oriented towards creation and regeneration;
   — when you are over 35 years old, they are oriented towards destruction.
   That is why we do not recommend you after 35 to overstrain yourself with excessive physical exercise. Only the light form.
  This advice may be difficult to follow sometimes but at least try to do it.
   This way will prolong your life and will live to be very old.
   3.8)   Do not make brusque movements especially to the side. First of all, it concerns people who have problems with their locomotor apparatus. We will discuss this topic in more detail in another post.

Drink Water Correctly.

   3.9)   Drink only hot or warm water between your meals for better metabolism. This way you will be able to get rid of excessive weight which can even be dangerous for our heart and our organism as a whole. You can find more information about water HERE.

The final conclusion.

   3.10)   Remember the following thing: Higher Forces really help those people who rely only on themselves and do not seek anybody’s help. Be powerful, even when everything around fall in!
   To sum it up, we would like to draw the following conclusion: it is possible and necessary to heal and recover from any disease only by our own efforts.
   People remember! Very often we are hostage of our own ambitions, desires and predilections but there is a good formula:
   — Life consist in will and Will reveals itself only in life!!

   Everything is in our hands to therefore do not be lazy or afraid to change your health for the better.
   We wish all of you great Joy and to become the Master of your Health and your Life as a whole!!!

This topic you can download in format pdf here.

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