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The Sense of Earthly Life.

    Sooner or later all of us will come to wisdom. We should remember that our family and work are only instruments for our spiritual development and the evolution of our Сonsciousness.
   Tension in your personal life and work may benefit you and enhance your energy. It may also help you to perceive higher energies. This way, you become aware of the God inside who will always guide and protect you in your life.
   If you want to understand better his silent voice , you should elevate your thoughts and feelings. You can achieve it by directing your thoughts to the source of your Soul and trying to resonate with its frequency.
   Your current self is the result of your past thoughts. Wisdom does not come with age, it comes with the development of our consciousness. It is each person’s main treasure.

Immortality of the consciousness.

   There is a common misconception nowadays. Some people believe that the immortality of a physical body is possible. It has never been that way and it will never be!
   Yes! There is a world called the Fiery world where immortal creatures live. In order to reach it and to also become an immortal creature, we should all develop ourselves spirituality, applying the principles of kindness.
   We should daily affirm such important spiritual qualities as inner balance ( equilibrium ) and restraint, calmness and friendliness. We also should daily develop such qualities as courage and fearlessness, vigilance and shrewdness, compassion for all living creatures and self-sacrifice.
   There is only the immortality of our consciousness and our fiery body which this consciousness wears.
   Let us examine this complicated ( at first glance ) question.
   What is our physical body with respect to our soul, closely related to our Spirit — the immortal part. We can liken it to a tree leaf which is born ( in spring ) and dies ( in autumn ) but at the same time tree continues living.
   The same thing happens to us – our physical bodies with their personalities are born and die. However, our consciousness ( the tree) continues to live in higher realms. The most interesting thing is that our mother — Nature saves for eternity only the very best of our earthly experience.

Physical Body as a Tool for our Soul’s Development.

   Thereby we obtain the necessary energies for conscious existence in higher realms and other bodies which are less dense than our physical one.
   Wisdom consists in gradual and conscious renunciation of our personality in order to wake the God inside — our immortal part.   It represents all the best that we have accumulated for the previous lives on Earth.
   This way, you become a part of a Living God ( see above on page HERE ) a start to feel the harmony of the unity with all living creatures and a great compassion, this eternal love and ineffable Joy of existence and fullness of life, even if outwardly you seem lonely.
   You become everything and that means you become immortal.

The Near Future of Life on Earth.

   The age of Aquarius is setting in it is the Epoch of Great Divine Mother, the Era of Feminine, of Great Compassion, Spiritual rebirth of humanity and Fiery purification which will help us to get rid of everything that divides us.
   And finally Peace on Earth and the Great Brotherhood of all the nations will be firmly established. Hatred will go away for good and only will be Cosmic ( unconditional ) Love.
   Great Joy, Joy, Joy is coming to Earth!

P.S.: Dear people! If something from the information above is unclear to you, this is nothing wrong with it. After some time everything will become much more understandable if you take this information into consideration life teaches us not to reject the things we do not understand now which is very characteristic of human nature. On the contrary, try to embrace everything which is unknown or incomprehensible. After a while your consciousness will process this information and accept it as if this information had always belonged to you. Only by doing this, you will be able to successfully explore this World and resolve all the mysteries of the Birth of the Universe.

   If you want to live in harmony with the Spiritual Laws then you need in the first place to change your own lifestyle ( it is important you do it yourself ).
   At the first stage of this process you need to change your diet.
   You can find everything about Healthy Nutrition on our website in the page Health.

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