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Now we will present you a Base of Infinity and its approximate Structure.

We admit that probably it will be understand only by future generations.


Explanation of the Structure and its description:
   The picture schematically shows Space from two different angles of vision. This is the Great Deity ( Base of Infinity) which is the Source of eternal life.

Circles and Rhythm of Life.

As we can see in the picture big cycles ( green color ) include middle cycles ( purple color ) which in their turn include small cycles ( red color ) and so on till Infinity….
   Any cycle, whether it is big or small, is nothing else than a lifetime of a person, a planet, solar system or any other living creature.
   All cycles have a common parameter which unites them. That is the number of circles ( there are even smaller cycles inside bigger cycles in the picture ) from 1 to 7 ( shown in the picture as dots 1, 2,3,4,5,6,7.)
   As you can see the duration of these circles is different for big and small cycles. At the same time their cyclic recurrence establishes for them 7 circles as for big circles as for small circles.
   We see a Regularity in it. This is Base of Infinity.
   Based on the postulate that Knowledge is acquiring by analogy it leads us to the following conclusion: — every cell of your organism reflects your whole body. It is also correct to say that your body reflects the body of the whole manifested Universe.

The Dots and Their Meaning.

   Every cycle has periods of the so-called lull and seeming relaxation — that is the beginning and the end of a cycle which are shown in the picture as dots 0 and 8.
   This way, dots 1 – 7 show the time when a cycle is active and dots 0 and 8 show when it is passive.
   Seven circles of a planet or seven principles of a human being ( 7 chakras of our physical body ) or dots 1 – 7 are identical. It means that they correspond to each other.
   Dot 1   —   signifies the structure of the development of a human body.
   Then Dot 2   —   signifies the development of feelings through the manifestation of our desires.
   Dot 3   —   signifies the life principle which animates everything in the Universe.
  Next Dot 4   —   means the final formation of the consciousness of the physical body of human, a planet, the solar system or the Universe.
   Dot 5   —   means the development of Mind.
  Next Dot 6   —   is the place of the manifestation of the Soul of a human, a planet, the solar system or the Universe.
   Dot 7   —   means the process of merging with Spirit. It is the true manifestation of Spirituality.

The Interweaving of Small and Large Cycles.

   We also can see in the picture that in dot 6 the base of a New cycle ( of higher level of Spiritual development ) is born.
   Then appears dot 4 of a bigger cycle ( in the picture it is brown ) and at the same time with this dot appear two other dots ( dot 0 and dot 8 ),
that mean, as you remember, the beginning and the end of a future Big cycle ( in the picture you can see two dots out of three — 0 and 4 ).
   And this way till Infinity….
   A 1   —   is our visible ( manifested ) Material world which we can see and perceive.
   A 2   —   is invisible ( not manifested ) Spiritual world which is hidden from our senses and fully reflects ( mirrors ) our material world( A 1 ).  In fact, all contrariwise — our material world is fully reflects ( mirrors ) invisible Spiritual world. If you reflect on this idea in complete silence as often as possible, you will be able to make progress in understanding mysteries of the Universe.
   This whole structure of Infinity works only for those who are constantly trying to improve their nature ( character ). The story is completely different for those who have chosen another way….
   We wish everybody Space’s Joy!

   Remember that without Health it is impossible to feel the Joy and Fullness of Life !

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