Last updated on February 18th, 2021 at 02:46 pm

  1. This website offers users a necessary and useful information to support as mental so and physical health without any artificial means. And only by using native natural remedies and the body’s own reserves. A lot of the material is freely available on this site.
  2. For obtaining information on Healthy nutrition, treatment of influenza without medicines and in the future for getting other materials on saving of health in the section “Health” provides access to this information. The site proposes for it to made one-time fee without any subscriptions in order to obtain the necessary information. You can increase the level of your energy and the stamina of your body.
    Payment is produced once, on a voluntary basis and no refund.
  1. After payment of the user receives all the necessary materials within 3 business days.
  2. In the section “Products” payment can be performed multiple times at your request.
  3. In case of any delays and misunderstandings between the administration of the site and the user – all questions are solved by e-mail in the section “Contact US” to achieve positive results for both parties.
  4. Section such as “Products” show different useful foods and e-books for the support our health.
  5. The main purpose of the site – to report people of the Earth are some simple secrets of health that do not require large material costs. Needs only the EFFORT its own WILL and knowledge of the laws of Nature!