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Before talking about Health and Healthy Nutrition, let us define the relation between physical and spiritual health which is very important!

The Interconnection between Physical and Spiritual Health.

       Physical and Spiritual health are closely interconnected.
There are two main factors that influence our general health:
1) Objective influence (our environment, including other people’s psychic influence and especially their thoughts);
2) Subjective influence (our bad habits: — alcohol, smoking and dependencies of various kind and our reluctance to overcome them.)
  It is impossible to hide from their influence. A person can either fight them to remain healthy or yield to these dependencies, shortening his own life. The choice is up to each person.
   Life is an eternal struggle between our vices and virtues. And our destiny depends on what side wins.
   But also remember that our vices are a good material for working on ourselves to transform them into virtues.
   Let us make this great process Joyful and exciting !!!

Average Life expectancy.

   Most people live up to 50-70 years or 85 years at most with a bunch of illnesses instead of 100-120 years without any ailments which are generated by our unhealthy lifestyle.
   By obeying the vices, any person can harm his physical health and, most important, his mental health. To prevent this from happening, you can enjoy life in safer ways. It is not necessary to rely on anyone or anything ( doctors, medicines, money). It means to be independent of any circumstances or other people.
   And all you need is just to become the Master of your Health and Life !!!
   Then God will rejoice it and help you in your life!
  Get to know your organism on your own because it is Unique and unlike any other.
   Remember, your health is your wealth, given by Nature.
It is your duty to preserve it, and sometimes you can even multiply it with the right attitude.
   Also remember that if for some reason you lose it ( health ), you will not buy it for any money.
   Nature does not tolerate violence. When we, due to our suddenly weakened health, resort to some drastic measures ( potent drugs, operations or something else ), then sooner or later nature will pay you back accordingly.
   You should always be aware of that.

Some Misconceptions about Health.

   We would like to state immediately that we are not against traditional medicine and our methods are based on scientific knowledge. However, we have discovered some false ideas concerning our modern diet.
   We want to emphasize that traditional medicine treats the symptoms of your disease and does not try to discover its true cause. That is only your responsibility to get to know your organism and its special needs because the organism of each person is unique and the same drug can influence different people in different ways.
   You should always remember that any medicine has its own side effects.
   This creates a vicious circle — unreasonable consumption of medical drugs may lead to the appearance of new and unknown illnesses, thereby further aggravating the person’s physical condition. Instead of favoring fast recovery, it leads to chronic diseases for many years. Thus, a person shortens his own life.
           But there is a way out!

When We Need a Doctor.

   It is obligatory to visit your doctor only in the following cases:
if a person suddenly feels very bad, for whatever reason it is ( a stroke, heart attack, fainting, epilepsy, etc.);
II. If a person gets an injury or has an accident;
III. If it concerns children and young people (under the age of 21) because at this age they do not know how to manage their energy and their organism;
IV. During pregnancy and birth;
V. If it concerns the disabled or elderly people (over the age of 70), though here the situation differs greatly from individual to individual. Everything depends on a person’s lifestyle.

Useful Information for Everybody.

   For all other people who are healthy our information will be very useful and effective if they put it into practice.
   Let us answer several main questions:
Who wants to live a long life without any illnesses — ?
2) Who wants to lose weight quickly without any risks of heart attack — ?
3) Who wants to live his life without medicines ( or at least consuming them only in cases of absolute necessity, accompanied by mental influence on the diseased organ ) — ?
4) Who wants to find the lightness and fullness of life — ?
5) Who wants to save time and money ( sometimes a lot of money ) and direct these precious resources to other needs and goals — ?
   Note: Now it is very important for most people, given the ongoing global economic crisis.
6) Who wants to control his own precious health without anybody’s help — ?
7) Who wants to recover from the flu without medicines in a very short time — ?
All recommendations which offering on our website, we very hope, will help everybody boost your immune system. Thus, no COVID-19 pandemic will not able to defeat you!

The Method to Improve Your Health.

   If this topic really interests you and you are ready for better changes in your life, we can offer you a lot of practical advice based on our personal experience.
  Here you can download a PDF file with useful information for all ages.

Method of improving your Health:
— this method will allow you to increase the level of your energy and the stamina of your body, improve your overall health and help you to gradually cleanse your body of any waste products that in turn will lead to the purification of your blood and a loss of weight…
  This is also you can to avoid such illnesses as crohn’s disease or kidney disease.
   Our motto is Any person can improve his own health: — no fasting, no supplements, no tiring physical exercise and no medicines, — only the knowledge of the right combination of products that your organism needs. You can use only the products that you usually consume every day.
   The most important part is your self-discipline, in consistently following the correct diet.
   We also offer a simple and effective way of dealing with the most dangerous, unpredictable disease ( because of its complications and annual mutation ) – the Flu.
   As a result, you will recover in 2-3 days almost without any financial investments.
   No side effects and no complications.
   Of course, it is important to get rid of bad habits. You can learn about the main ideas concerning our method of recovery and prevention, downloading this PDF file.
Healthy Nutrition for Life.
Healthy Nutrition

  You will find out here a lot of interesting things about breathing and the importance of water to be healthy. Also, you will find out how can not to disease if boost constantly and, main, maintain own immune yourself.

This topic you can download in format pdf here