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    We would like to offer this information to those who are interested in matters regarding the origin of the Universe the functioning of the Eternal spiritual Laws, Infinite Life and the Sense of Life in general.
   These thoughts were perceived from the Space around us and after we had studied different sources.
   We will be glad if these thoughts find a response in people’s hearts and create a Great Consonance of Souls.   

The Main Principles of Infinite Life.

  1.   What is God ? — God, whom nobody has ever seen.
   That is the common for all living beings Immortal and always functioning Law of constant perfecting everything that is, starting with stationary ( at first glance ) and inanimate things, such as mountains, seas, oceans, stones and so on and finishing with different living creature the best of which is the human being as crown of Nature. In this is essence Infinite Life.
   It is the human being, the only one out of all the living creatures who becomes responsible for his further development and decides for himself: either he grows and perfects himself and becomes a particle of Living God. Either the human being does not want to improve himself and returns to his initial state of a motionless stone.
   This way he fails another attempt ( most likely not the first one ) to become a conscious particle of this Eternal Law of perfection. Then once again starts a new his Evolution of many millions of years from a stone to a Conscious worker of Nature ( Invisible God ). However, infinite life continues for all living beings.

  2.   What is Light — ?
     It is the Living God.

  3.   Who is Living God — ?
   It is the Highest Hierarchy of Light (The Highest Consciousness ) whose head is the Great Mother of God — Great Mother of the World.
   The Hierarchy of Light means harmoniously united immortal living creatures on the Ladder of existence of the manifested Universe.

We Are not Alone in the Universe.

   There was a time when these immortal living creatures were ( as we are now) people of different planets with all their drawbacks and imperfections. But they forced themselves to improve and strengthen their Will, fighting their vices and overcoming different obstacles.
   They constantly continue their Evolution because the process of growth and perfection is Endless.   It is so beautiful when we start to become aware that Life is infinite. However, this condition regards only for those who are improving and base their life on the high moral principles and kindness.

People remember the most important thing:
   –   the Basis of Life and the beginning of Everything is the High Morality!

   It is thanks to different obstacles and difficulties in our earthly life that we increase our internal power of Spirit.
   This way we climb the next step of the Ladder of existence.
   Life is wise — it constantly teaches a man how he can and should transform the energy of resistance to some obstacle into his own energy.
   In doing this, we increase energy potential of our body and its electrical and magnetic potential.

The Human Potential Given by Nature.

   A human being is a powerful electrical machine and at the same time a mighty magnet which attracts different energies from the surrounding Space.
   A man creates his electrical potential with his thoughts. The higher his thoughts are and the less selfishness he cherishes, the higher his electrical potential will be.
   A man creates his magnetic potential ( attraction) through his heart and with his feelings. The higher his feelings are and the less selfishness they have ( when a person does not seek any profit for himself ), the bigger his magnetic potential will be.
   It is so wonderful to live in harmony with the surrounding world and feel the fullness of Infinite Life through the Unity with all that is.
   We start to feel this harmony only when somewhere in the depth of our Soul. We start to feel that we are a tiny particle of a Great Being which is called planet Earth.

Our Planet is a Living Creature.

   All of us ( people and other living beings: animals, plants and so on ) are cells of our living Earth.
   And then the joy of one person becomes everybody’s Joy and everybody’s Joy becomes the joy of one person.
   That is why, dear people of Earth, we are all relatives we are all sisters and brothers.
   And although every human being and every other creature comes to Earth to fulfil certain functions and responsibilities. But everybody has one main task — improve its imperfect by working on his or her own self.
   And this is the Eternal Divine Law Evolution.
   So let us follow it ( the Law of Evolution ) and bring to an End all the sufferings on Earth. This way, peace and happiness will come to Earth through the brotherhood of all men and through the awareness of the Unity of all that is.
   We should end any kind of separation as it is an instrument of Evil. We should not judge people by their race, skin colour, social status, etc.
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