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Let’s talk about Pure WATER

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Last updated on January 3rd, 2024 at 02:58 pm

   It is banal to talk about It, because everyone knows everything about it.
  However, there are some crucial aspects that many people may neglect:

We Consist of Pure Water.

 1)   It is common knowledge that the human body consists of 85-90% water and not of tea, coffee, all your favorite juices, but of water.
  Therefore, the cells of our body are understand and accept ONLY PURE WATER !!!
  Hence, there is a conclusion:  
  Everything is simple: we need to drink pure water between meals !!
  Say no to soft and energy drinks, even to juice and of course to intoxicating alcoholic drinks.

   To maintain your Health for many years and not to waste your precious time visiting doctors and even consuming sometimes in large quantities different medicines which may worsen your condition and have unwanted side effects. And these side effects lead to new diseases. That becomes a vicious circle ?!?
   It is necessary not to interfere with different synthetic substances when our body to recover we should help it leading an active lifestyle, having Healthy Nutrition and carry our positive thoughts and emotions.
   Everything is simple !!! Drinking water daily you will get rid of the diseases that are plaguing you now and even of some possible future illnesses!

What water should we drink   ?

  2) The question: — Warm (hot) or cold water   ?
     What is more useful   ?

Pure water

   Modern medicine has already confirmed the fact that when a person drinks warm or hot water, water immediately enters our bloodstream and makes blood move faster, accelerating the metabolic processes in our body. 


   Thus, we help our body to absorb previously consumed food Faster.
   It entails huge consequences.
   If you follow this recommendation, then the problem of obesity will be solved by you sooner or later without unnecessary financial investments in various medical institutions.
    When we drink cold water the situation is completely different water immediately gets into the kidneys and creates pressure there. And it has a very negative influence on the functioning of our kidneys as a whole.
    Hot or cold water ? So, decide for yourself !!!
  3) Another important point: — What is the best time to drink water and how   ?
   You can learn more about this on page by downloading useful material about Healthy Nutrition.
   All the recommendations on this site — are safe and do not require significant financial investments.
    And you will see it yourself if you start following our advice.

This topic you can download in format pdf here.

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