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Breathing   everywhere.

EVERYTHING BREATHES. Breath carries the Mystery of Life.
  The Universe that we can see ( LIGHT ) is born( exhale ) out of Infinite Space (DARKNESS), then after a very long period of time the Universe is again absorbed ( inhale )in by Space (DARKNESS).
  Thus, сycles are repeated endlessly.
More details about the Divine origin of Life can be found HERE.

   Breathing is also observed in our earthly life — the day is replaced by night, the cold becomes warmth and so on.

Improve Your Health with the Help of Breathing.

   In this article we will tell you how it is possible to maintain and improve your health in your daily life with the help of Breathing , and explain the ways to discover our inner reserve without any outer help.
  Together we will learn how to direct our inner processes without any financial investments.
   So, let’s get started. Main things that we should remember and should implement in our life if we really want to improve our Health:

    1)   we should learn to breathe correctly, that is to breathe with our belly.

   It is allowed our diaphragm constantly and rhythmically move up and down.
  This way you will always massage your heart muscle and you will strengthen your most important motor — your HEART.
  The main principle of this Breathing is very simple when we inhale ( through our nose) we inflate the lower part of our belly, lifting our diaphragm upwards.
   When we exhale, we deflate our belly ( it shrinks in size), lowering our diaphragm.
   Do it all the time and make it your healthy habit. Forget about chest breathing forever!!

    2) We should learn to breathe rhythmically.

   So rhythm maintains the surrounding life.   Therefore, to begin with, we should count in our heart while inhaling or exhaling, for example, counting one, two, three, or one, two, three, four.
  This way our heart and lungs will become accustomed to a certain rhythm. You can choose your individual rhythm.

Get Rid of the Flu and Cold, Using Your Breathing.

  3) We should learn to heal ourselves from such illnesses as flu and a cold or when we have such symptoms as coughing or a runny nose.
  There is an effective way to accelerate your healing.

  NB: Remember! This way should be applied only when the person is ill and only as temporary measure. If you are healthy you can train this method but never use it on a regular basis.

  To begin with, we will reveal the cause of coughing, a runny nose appear and nasopharyngeal inflammation in general.
  Sickness comes when our immunity system is weakened due to different causes.( stresses, negative emotions, exhaustion). As a result different microorganisms start strenuously propagate on the mucous surface of our nasopharynx and bronchial tubes, creating a sense of suffocation. That is way we start coughing and phlegm  (mucus) appears.
  These microorganisms, as well as we, live off the oxygen that we inhale and the food that we eat.
  To eradicate this cause prevent microorganisms from propagating and get rid of coughing, we need:

     3.1)    To block the access of oxygen to the microorganisms for one-two days.

     This is achieved through the increase of carbon dioxide in our body.
  You can do it holding your breath especially after exhalation.

   We offer you a simple scheme how to get rid of coughing and the inflammatory process in the nasopharynx:
    a) breathe in with your nose inflating the lower part of our belly;
    b)hold your breath counting until seven times ( one, two, three, four, five, six, seven);
    с) breathe out through your mouth contracting the lower part of your belly;
    d) hold your breath as long as you can.

  At the beginning it will be difficult to do that but do not worry your organism needs some time to get accustomed to such a rhythm.
  Continue doing it until you are successful.
   Repeat this breathing pattern several times a day for one-two days while you are ill. Later you will notice a considerable relief and the most important you will get rid of coughing. After some time of the whole inflammatory process without any medicines, having side effects and leading to new illnesses.
  Be sensible and your body will respond you with fast recovery.
   Also, such Breathing is quite effective with nasal congestion and the appearance of Hiccups.

     3.2)    To close the access of fat and protein foods for 1-2 days.

   At the same time with this breathing, you need to close the access of fat and protein foods for microorganisms for 1-2 days. To do this, you do not need to eat such food during an illness, since you need to allow your body not waste energies on digesting heavy food , but to enable Him (our organism) to restore the lost immunity on its own. All it takes is simply to eat light food, e.g. cereals, any porridge, vegetables and fruit ( separately). And do not forget — to drink a lot of hot and warm water between meals.
   If you want to learn about new and ( most importantly) reasonable view on Healthy Nutrition you can do it HERE.

     3.3)    Cleanse Your Nose.

   For a quicker and more effective recovery you should also cleanse your nasopharynx to get rid of the microorganisms which have caused coughing and inflammation within 1-2 days using a baking soda rinse procedure.
   Soda can help you to remove the inflammation in your nasopharynx if you use it when you rinse nasopharynx and gargle at once.
   Use the following proportion: — 1 teaspoon per 300-400 ml of hot water. Remember to cool the water to a comfortable warm temperature before starting the process
so as not to burn the mucous surfaces of the nasopharynx. And repeat the procedure to need several times within one day of 1-2 days.

   The process of cleansing with soda.

   The process of cleansing with soda is done this way:
   — close your right nostril with two fingers of one hand, take the mug with a mixture of soda and water and bring it to the nose, exhale deeply through the mouth and inhale the water through the left nostril throwing our head back to help water reach not only our nose but also our nasopharynx.
  And when you exhale the water should come out through your mouth.
  Gargle with the same water only after that you can spit out the water and make your next attempt to purify.
  You can repeat the same procedure with the other nostril. If you have more difficulties with it or if one of the nostrils is blocked you can try to do with two nostrils at once.
  In this case your nasopharynx will be purified better.
   Thus, you will cleanse your nasopharynx and get rid of all the sputum and all the microorganisms which create inflammation.
   At first, you will not succeed because the procedure is not very pleasant but very effective. You will be obligatory succeed after several attempts. So, repeat the procedure several times a day for 1-2 days of illness or until relief comes.

Summarizing All the Methods.

   This way remembers the main points which in one-two days help you to quickly get rid of coughing and the illness in general.
breathing with delay especially while exhaling.
    II) gargling( rinsing) your nasopharynx with baking soda.
    III) minimal consumption of food without proteins and fats and in the case you have Flu its better to avoid consuming food for a day and to drink a lot of hot pure water, eating fresh fruits such as citrus fruits but especially preferring such berries as raspberries and currants.

Useful Properties of Soda.

   Some more information about the healing properties of baking soda.
   The wises say that SODA is the ashes of the Divine Fire. It is confirmed by its healing and purifying properties.

    a) Above you have read how you can eliminate inflammation in your nasopharynx with the help of soda;
    b) Soda is able also to reduce the acidity of your stomach which strongly increases when we consume various pastries, flour products, cakes and, of course, any sweet and sour products.
   In this case it is necessary to take soda before the meal in the proportion of 0,5 tsp per 150 ml of hot water.( ONLY BEFORE EATING ).

    c) Soda can heal you from…

  Soda can heal you from any food poisoning toxic substances or side effects after taking medicines. The consumption of soda in the proportion of 0,5 tsp per 150 ml of hot water every three hours plus the consumption of pure hot or warm water in large quantities. In this case you should not eat any food because you need to cleanse your gastrointestinal tract from toxins created as a result of food poisoning.
    d) Also you can use it as a laxative in case you have constipation if it is problems with your metabolism ( if your stomach did not manage to digest the food consumed earlier.) Use the same proportion.
  Another possible way to get rid of constipation is to eat more vegetables ( proportion 1:1 to solid food) and add to your meal different kinds of bran from wheat, rye, oatmeal.

Getting rid of bronchial cough.

     Now let’s once again return to breathing.
  If you suffer from bronchial coughing you can use a certain type of breathing but for people who have problems with their thyroid gland this way is unacceptable.
   This exercise is also very useful for people who suffer from cervical osteochondrosis.
   It is important to warm up your neck and your vertebrae by turning your head to the left, to the right, up and down. And finally doing a circular movement with your head.
   After that, when your neck will be warm up you can proceed with breathing.
     So let us get started.

   Inhale Correctly.

     1) Stand up place your feet at the width of your shoulders and your hands on your hips, then bend the upper part of your body forward a little.
   In this position we start inhaling through our nose, completely concentrated, inflating our belly and the most important thing — throwing our head back as far as you can. In order to squeeze the area where your thyroid gland is situated in your neck.


     2) hold your breath and count — 1, 2,3,4,5,6,7,8.

   Exhale Correctly.

     3) then energetically lower your head as far as you can. At the same time quickly exhaling through your mouth and squeezing the same area of the thyroid gland.


     4) hold your breath and count — 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8… ( better longer).
   Repeat this exercise four-five times. This breathing will be accompanied by exiting a considerable amount of phlegm, that is why it is better to do this procedure in the bathroom.
   In the beginning you will not succeed — this is normal, because it will be tickling in the bronchus region and you will involuntarily cough.
   But you persistently continue the exercise to do, and then everything will work out.
   So, repeat the procedure several times a day for 1-2 days of illness or until relief comes. And cough necessarily will be disappeared over time.
   In the complex for greater effect it is also necessary to make inhalation using eucalyptus oil.
   So we wish you success in improving your health!

Mental Breath

For people striving to Spiritual Increment ( perfecting )

  Breathing can also be mental, that is, using your chosen unique rhythm, you breathe and send sublime thoughts to the Space, which by the Law of the Wheel or, as call it Law of Karma in India , returned to you, magnified by similar thoughts from other living beings. And this snowball eventually closes on you.
  If Exalted thoughts are sent by you, that the intensified thoughts which return to you raise you along the Spiritual ladder of Being.
  If you send selfish thoughts to Space, then you get frustrated after Their return to you, and these thoughts lower you . In this case occur INVOLUTION of your Spiritual Essence. This is the Law.

   If you want to learn about new and ( most importantly) reasonable view on Healthy Nutrition you can do it HERE.

This topic you can download in format pdf here.

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